2nd Update For Battle For Azeroth Allied Races | World of Warcraft

You've probably read my last two pieces on World of Warcraft's Allied Race system if you're reading this. Well a lot has been revealed in the past few weeks since that piece was written. In this particular piece, I want to address the recently confirmed Allied Races as well as the new possible Allied Race,... Continue Reading →


Elder Scrolls V: A Link in Skyrim

Check out this Video I'm starting a new playthrough of the Elder Scrolls V, I've added quite a few graphical mods. In this story we find Link from Legend of Zelda somehow lost in this strange new world of Skyrim, follow him on his adventures throughout the Wild Lands of the Nords and Dragons. Join... Continue Reading →

Battle for Azeroth Gameplay Features

World of Warcraft has, for the most part, always had fantastic expansions (with the exception of Warlords of Draenor, of course...) and usually bring back millions of subscribers. However this expansion announcement has garnered a certain amount of controversy and has been labeled by some as the "PvP expansion" which couldn't be more wrong. This... Continue Reading →

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