TDM Discussion: College On Koch

Welcome to another TDM discussion! On today's episode, we discuss the influence of the Koch brothers and their foundation on colleges around America. We dive a little deeper and get to topics such as academic integrity and independence and the influence of donors in general. Let us know what you think on the subject and... Continue Reading →


TDM Debate: Capitalism vs Socialism

Hello! Welcome to the first TDM Debate. In today's debate we have me, TDMTim(Referred to as Tim), and my good friend, Landen. I am arguing for the side of Socialism, or to be more specific, Anarcho-Syndicalism. While Landen is arguing for the side of Capitalism. The topics flowed from more modern pressing issues to core... Continue Reading →

Elder Scrolls V: A Link in Skyrim (Pt.3)

Check out this video. I’m starting a new playthrough of the Elder Scrolls V, I’ve added quite a few graphical mods. In this story we find Link from Legend of Zelda somehow lost in this strange new world of Skyrim, follow him on his adventures throughout the Wild Lands of the Nords and Dragons. Join us... Continue Reading →

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