The Fool on the Hill: What lies before

Recently I have made a few dramatic changes in my life and have pushed myself into a new direction in hopes of a better tomorrow. For a few years now I have spent much of my time working in restaurants and retail, slowly saving up money, and enjoying my youth. Throughout this time I have... Continue Reading →


TDM Discussion: College On Koch

Welcome to another TDM discussion! On today's episode, we discuss the influence of the Koch brothers and their foundation on colleges around America. We dive a little deeper and get to topics such as academic integrity and independence and the influence of donors in general. Let us know what you think on the subject and... Continue Reading →

TDM Discussion: Trade and the “Trade Wars”

Welcome to another TDM discussion! On today's episode, we cover the recently implemented tariffs and the concepts of Free Trade/Globalism and Protectionism/Nationalism. The economic impact of tariffs has major historical evidence and many would be wise to dig a little deeper and see what has happened.There is much to talk about on this topic, so... Continue Reading →

The Wisconsin Experiment,

During the early 1900s, the state of Wisconsin had a governor named Robert La Follette became the nation's first progressive governor. La Follette got a lot done while he was governor including helping destroy a political machine which took control away from lumber and railroad trusts. He ended up regulating public utilities by instituting public... Continue Reading →

Marshall Plan

As a part of Truman's containment policies, the Marshall Plan was a more constructive portion of it, rebuilding European nations after the second World War. The Marshall Plan was proposed by Secretary of State George Marshall in 1948 and he invited all of Europe to take part in the conference. Most nations attended, however Czechoslovakia... Continue Reading →

Brinkmanship (Eisenhower)

When President Eisenhower was elected there were two major principles the administration took in its early foreign policy. The first being to encourage the liberation of captive peoples in Eastern Europe and the other being massive retaliation where any Soviet and Chinese aggression would be met with an American nuclear attack directly on the USSR... Continue Reading →

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