More History Posts Coming Soon!

Hi friends!

TDM T.A. here and I wanted to provide an update on my history blog posts. I plan on returning to writing semi-regular blog posts on history related topics and ideas sometime in September of 2018. Only this time I hope to expand my historical topics to Chinese history and the ideas of historiography and historicism. These are some topics that I find intriguing in addition to American History, but don’t worry, American History posts will be coming too. I could never abandon my favored topic of interest like that!

Additionally, I was considering expanding my history posts to economic history, labor history, and my interpretation of different popular political systems in political science circles. These will still be considered history posts as I plan to discuss the historical context of these systems and what they might mean for the future or even today.


I apologize for the drought of content and I will try my best to have a new post up soon as filler until September. Thank you for being great viewers, readers, and listeners and have a pleasant day, morning, evening, night, or whatever time you may be reading this.



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