2nd Update For Battle For Azeroth Allied Races | World of Warcraft

You’ve probably read my last two pieces on World of Warcraft’s Allied Race system if you’re reading this. Well a lot has been revealed in the past few weeks since that piece was written. In this particular piece, I want to address the recently confirmed Allied Races as well as the new possible Allied Race, the vampiric San’Layn, commanders of the Scourge.

Before we get the San’layn, I want discuss other allied races that we will be getting in the new expansion, Battle For Azeroth.

Mag’har Orcs

The Mag’har Orcs are a new playable race in Battle For Azeroth through the Allied Race system and they come in a variety of different clan options as well as classes. As far as we can tell, you’ll be able to play as just about any major clan that was showcased in the Warlords of Draenor expansion, including the Blackrock, Shattered Hand, Laughing Skull, Warsong, and Frostwolf orcs. Additionally, the Heritage Armor comes in at least three different tints representing the Warsong, Blackrock, and Frostwolf clans. Displayed below is the Warsong tint of the armor:

The Mag’har come with their own set of classes, of course, and this includes Hunter (with a wolf starting pet), Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, and Warrior. Shamans get their own unique Mag’har orc totem as well, which is displayed below:

The last part I want to showcase are the racial abilities that come with being a Mag’har orc. These go as followed

  • Ancestral Call – Invoke the spirits of your ancestors granting you their power, increases a random secondary stat by *x* for 12 seconds.
  • Open Skies – Increases mounted speed by 10%
  • Savage Blood – Reduces the duration of poisons, diseases, and curses by 10%
  • Sympathetic Vigor – Increases pet health by 10%

This allied race will go to the Horde.

Kul’Tiran Humans

The Kul’tiran humans are another new allied race that have been unveiled by Blizzard. This race is a group of hearty humans that reside on the island of Kul’Tiras, where the Alliance will be setting up camp and recruiting allies to their war effort against the horde.

Not a lot is known about what is coming for the Kul’Tiran humans, but I will share as much as I can about this new Allied Race.

The only available class that we know of for the Kul’Tiran humans is the druid. Obviously there will be more, but this is the only class we know of right now. Since they will have the druid class available to them, they have unique druid forms which will be displayed below:

Bear form:

Cat form:

Ground Travel form:

Those are the only forms we know of right now.

We do not know what the Kul’Tiran racials will be, however we do have an idea of what the Heritage Armor could potentially look like, and it looks awesome!

The only other major thing that we know about the Kul’Tirans is what their models look like. The male and female models are shown below:

Hopefully we will know more soon about both of these allied races.


Now the most recent news is that the San’Layn will have some sort of a role in the Battle For Azeroth expansion which has brought up some new speculation that the San’Layn might be a new allied race, probably for the Horde. This of course also means there will be a new Alliance allied race in our future and there will be some speculation on my part after this section.


As commanders of the Scourge during the war in Northrend, the San’Layn were vampiric monsters of the Lich King’s endless army of undead. The San’Layn had minds of their own, similar to Liches and Death Knights, so it is not terribly impossible to consider that the San’Layn could make a choice such as joining the Horde. The San’Layn are essentially undead blood elves, so again, it is not impossible to consider their addition to the Horde, especially since Sylvannas is the warchief. We don’t know for certain that the San’Layn will join the Horde as an allied race, but it still is not outside of the realm of possibility. Image result for san'layn

The San’Layn would make an interesting addition to the allied race system because then we would most likely see more Lich King involvement in the Battle For Azeroth expansion, possibly leading up to a new scourge based expansion after BfA or Lich King involvement in the inevitable void-based expansion.

Speculation for Alliance Race

I think the most likely race to join the Alliance would be probably be the Jinyu or the Sethrakk. I have a gut feeling that both will be added at some point, and the Vulpera will join the Horde. I’m excited for new and more interesting Allied Races to be added in the future and I love the fact that Blizzard is working so hard on this feature.


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