[Spoilers] My thoughts on Black Panther

Recently, me and TDM Tim had the pleasure of watching Black Panther (in Dolby Digital no less) and I think I speak for us both when I say that we both enjoyed the film. However, we had one common complaint between the two of us. The Killmonger story arc felt a little rushed and related to that it felt that the Mandarin arc was too long.

Personally, I was extremely excited for a Black Panther movie ever since I first saw him in Civil War because I thought he was a really interesting character could make for a great solo film. I was right. This film was, overall, really good in terms of the story, the visual effects, the music, and the casting.

I felt as though the story broke the monotony of the Marvel villains in the solo films because the villain, Killmonger, had an actual goal that was something besides end the world. Killmonger wanted to make Wakanda Great Again (yes I said that) and wanted to use Wakanda’s strength on the outside world when Wakanda had always been secluded and hidden itself in its history. Compared to a terrorist villain like Mandarin or a villain like the dark elf guy from Thor Dark World (that’s how not memorable he is…) who just wanted to bring havoc and destruction, Killmonger had more human goals of fighting back against a history of oppression of black people.

Visually, this movie was gorgeous and it made me extremely excited for Infinity War in terms of the visual acuity that was displayed in Black Panther because it felt like a step up from even just 4 months ago with Thor Ragnarok.

Overall, this film was stunning to me, despite the issue with the pacing of the Killmonger arc and the fact that Mandarin got as much screen time as he did and didn’t really do anything with it. It felt like at least half of the screen time that Mandarin got could have been easily used to flesh out Killmonger’s backstory or his goals or how he learned about Wakanda.


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