[Update] Battle for Azeroth Allied Race Speculation

Draenor Orcs are likely to become Allied Races, possibly during Battle for Azeroth! Why do I say this? Well in the datamined Alpha files of Battle for Azeroth, dataminers found new armor sets that appeared to be a heritage armor set related to orcs. Additionally, Blizzard has added a new map for the Draenor zone of Gorgrond, leading to speculation of the infamous race of orcs from Draenor’s alternate timeline to be up in the air for a future Allied Race.

Only time will tell what Blizzard has up their sleeves for the future.

There’s two ways this could go in my opinion. Either we team up with the Laughint Skull orcs or some other clan on alternate Draenor or we team up with the Maghar orcs on Outland and we maybe take them to Gorgrond to settle again in their homeland.


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