Lovcraftian Elements in World of Warcraft: Part 2

5) Wrathion and Nyarthalotep

A lot of people have stated that Wrathion, one of the last 3 uncorrupted black dragons, share a number of characteristics with Nyathalotep, the messenger of the Great Outer Gods. Nyarthalotep, dissimilar from other deities, walks the Earth instead of being exiled to the stars. Wrathion walks amongst the people Azeroth. Both characters able to pass as human quite easily. More interestingly, they both go about their goals similarly, through manipulation, cunning, and propaganda. Wrathion manipulates the Horde, Alliance, and the Champion in order to accomplish his goal of a unified army to defeat the Burning Legion. Though Nyarthaltep’s goal of spreading madness differs, his methods of going about his goal is rather similar.

6) The Lich King and Hastur

The Lich King and Hastur, the King in Yellow share some similarities however this is a connection I have not seen many people make, interestingly enough. Both are referred to as king which is the obvious connection (though not a very strong one) but more relevant is that both the Lich King and Hastur have a seemingly endless following or army or cult that carry out the will of the Lich King and Hastur. These followings would eventually be used to carry out their plan. In the case of the Lich King, to take over Azeroth and convert the world to the undead scourge, and for Hastur to eventually fight his half-brother Cthulhu. Both the Lich King and Hastur share similar names and are almost anagrams for each other.


The only difference being that Arthas has the “u” instead of a second “a.” The last connection I found interesting is that Hastur wears yellow. While the Lich King does not have any yellow in his artwork, it should be noted that yellow is sometimes attributed to hazard, quarantines, decay, disease, and sometimes death; the Lich King is an undead human who revolves entirely around decay and plagues and death. Interestingly enough, the second Lich King, also known as Bolvar Fordragon, was given the task of quarantining the relentless scourge after the defeat of Arthas.


7) N’yalotha and R’lyeh

This one of the most obvious similarities between Lovecraft and Warcraft. Both are sunken cities, rumored to house a great evil within its walls. R’yleh:Cthulhu::N’yalotha:N’zoth. It is said that both of these cities will rise one day and the respective gods will reign terror and horror amongst the denizens of their respective worlds.

8) Twilight Hammer Cult and Black Brotherhood

The Twilight Hammer cult and the Dark Brotherhood of the Lovecraft universes are unquestionably similar to each other. The Twilight Hammer dedicates itself to bringing about the Hour of Twilight and bring forth the Black Empire once again onto Azeroth. The Black Brotherhood, similarly, is a cult that dedicates itself to the hastening of the return of the gods known as the Great Old Ones. Both groups perform or take part in political assassinations.


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