SPOILERS: My Thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The new addition to the saga of Star Wars, The Last Jedi, has stirred a lot of controversy recently as many people feel that it threw away much of what The Force Awakens built up. However in my opinion I feel as though it was a much needed twist in the Star Wars story. In this post I will note numerous scenes that I enjoyed and scenes that I had a problem with.

Flying Leia

A little bit into the movie there is a scene where Kylo Ren and a few tie fighters are attacking the Rebel flagship and Kylo is given an opportunity to kill Leia Organa, his mother, but he hesitates and decides not to kill her. However, as he does not take the shot, one of the tie fighters takes the shot for him and blows up the bridge that Leia on. Leia is vacuumed out into space and it appears that she is dead. The way the scene was beginning, it felt like it would have been a fitting death scene for the beloved Princess of Alderaan, however it takes a turn and Leia’s hinted at force abilities are shown in a new tangible way. She presumably uses the force to pull herself back to the ship and save herself. This whole scene legitimately took me straight out of the movie. I couldn’t get back into the movie for at least 5 minutes as I was confused and shocked at this scene. And not necessarily in a good way.

Light Supremacy

About half way though the movie, the Rebel flagship is evacuating the ship and getting everyone to the salt planet of Krait. When all the evacuation ships have left, Vice Admiral Holdo uses the Rebel flagship’s last bit of fuel to turn around, aim at the Capital Ship of the First Order (the Supremacy), and go light speed. When this occurred, I was starstruck. Similar to the Leia scene, only this time I had chills going down my spine with the sudden cut in sound and the contrast and colors on the big screen. I was amazed. I thought it was the single most gorgeous and visually stunning scenes in all of Star Wars, even taking into consideration the technological capabilities of the early 2000s and the 1980s.

Luke’s Blue Saber

During the battle of Krait, Luke and Ben Solo have a “duel” in order to let the rest of the Resistance escape from the First Order. I felt as though the entire movie was building up to this scene and I was excited when I saw Luke on Krait. However. I immediately noticed something off. Luke had Anakin’s lightsaber, not his own green one. My problem with the scene is that Kylo was just on the Supremacy where he and Rey had split that saber into 2 so wouldn’t Ben have noticed something was off and that maybe that that wasn’t physically Luke?

Praetoreon Guards

The final scene I want to talk about is the climax of the movie. The Praetoreon guard fight scene. This scene occurred immediately after the biggest twist in Star Wars besides Vader telling Luke he was his father. Ben Solo kills Supreme Leader Snoke and fights along side with Rey against his deadly Praetoreon guards. This scene, in my opinion, is the second best fight scene in all of Star Wars, only behind the Obi-Wan and Darth Vader duel on Mustafar.


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