Why I Post About History

It may seem like an odd paradigm that I post mainly about US History and World of Warcraft. It seems like an odd combination doesn’t it? Well this post is intended to explain it in short.

I have a few reasons as to why I post about history and World of Warcraft. The first reason is because I love a good story and World of Warcraft and history provides that need for me. World of Warcraft helps fill my need for fictional stories and entertainment when Marvel, DC, and Star Wars cannot. As for history, it fills my need for learning and nonfictional stories. I love sharing these stories with others and I love sharing my experiences and thoughts on them and I view this as the best outlet for this.

The other reason why I post about history is because I believe it is important to get as many people as possible to know about history, which is why I want to be a professor and a historian when I graduate university. I love learning and teaching and I view this platform as an opportunity to share these loves with others and hopefully my readers will leave my posts learning something new.


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