Lovecraftian Elements in World of Warcraft: Part One

The World of Warcraft has never been shy about its references and inspirations in its universe and there’s no exception when it comes to its inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft. Blizzard has created a number of character that have similar characteristics or just have their name based upon Lovecraftian mythos. This post is dedicated to pointing out certain similarities in the Warcraft universe to the Lovecraft mythos.

1) C’thun and Cthulhu

For this similarity, it is based almost solely on the name alone. C’thun is from World of Warcraft vanilla and was imprisoned in the titan facility of Ahn’ Qiraj. When the gong in Silithus was rung and the seal opened, the Qiraji were released and began a war with the denizens of Azeroth.

2) Yogg Saron and Yog Sothoth

Again, this similarity is mostly name based. Similar to C’thun, Yogg Saron was also imprisoned in a titan facility. In the north was the titan facility Ulduar which served as the headquarters of the titan keepers as well as Yogg Saron’s prison. As the campaign against the Lich King reached its apex, Yogg Saron decided to strike as the armies of Azeroth were busy with the undead scourge.

3) N’zoth and Cthulhu

N’zoth is known as the drowned god or the slumbering god in Azeroth. Similar to Cthulhu, N’zoth is amassing an army to take over Azeroth to return it to the Black Empire. Similarly, Cthulhu slumbers at the bottom of the ocean, amassing followers for one day, he shall return.

4) Naga and The Deep Ones

The Naga are a race of fish-like humanoid-esque beings who work for and worship Queen Azshara, servant of N’zoth and former Queen of the Night Elf empire before the sundering of Azeroth. The Naga are also formore Night Elves as they were transformed into their fish-like bodies when Queen Azshara sold them out to N’zoth. They now do his bidding and occasionally surface from the deep ocean to attack the denizens of Azeroth. Similar to the Deep Ones who occasionally rise from the deep and attack the people of Earth, they are also fish-like beings. Similar to how the Naga worship Queen Azshara, the Deep Ones revere Dagon.

5) Queen Azshara and Dagon

Queen Azshara, once the Queen of the Night Elf empire that spanned much of Azeroth, is now Queen of the Naga and servant to N’zoth, the slumbering god. Her followers, the Naga, worship her as a deity. Similar to Queen Azshara is Dagon who is revered by the Deep Ones of Earth.


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