Battle for Azeroth: Allied Race Possibilities

With the announcement of the newest World of Warcraft expansion “Battle for Azeroth,” we also received the announcement of the Allied Races feature coming soon. Allied Races are essentially just as they sound, races that have allied to our factions. So for example the Horde will join forces with the Zandalari Trolls, the Highmountain Tauren, and the Shal’dorei of Suramar whereas the Alliance will throw in their money with the Dark Iron dwarves, the Lightforged Draenei of the Army of the Light, and Alleria Windrunner’s new faction of Void Elves.

Blizzard has stated that the Allied Race system is fully intended to see more races in the future and with that statement I would like to speculate on possible future Allied Races along side their likelihood of becoming playable.


The Vulpera are a new race we will encounter on our adventures on Zandalar and they certainly seem like a possibility at this point. I base this on two reasons.

1) The Vulpera are adorable. Adorable races sell copies. More money is always on the mind of a gaming studio as large as Blizzard-Activision so the inclusion of the Vulpera as a playable Allied Race seems more likely as a result.

2) It would work as playable race due to the structure of the model’s skeleton, ability to equip armor and look not overtly ridiculous (Naga I’m looking at you), and probably the story that could be told in Battle for Azeroth.

If they do become an Allied Race, I think they’ll join the Horde as we will be befriending them on our adventures in Vol’dun on Zandalar.


The Sethrak are a new race introduced in the Battle for Azeroth. We wil meet them also in Vol’dun and they have been fighting with the Vulpera and we will likely fight against them or whatever the story dictates. If we fight against them as the Horde, it seems possible the Sethrak could join the Alliance if they became an Allied Race since Vulpera would befriend the Horde players.

Kul’Tiran Humans

The humans of Kul’tiras are a new faction and variation of human with considerably different features. These humans are larger and heartier than their Stormwind counterparts. Since the Alliance will be working with them, it would seem logical that the Kul’tiran humans would ally with them. These humans seem very likely as a future Allied Race.


No. Just no. They don’t even have legs. And we’ve fought them since Warcraft 3. It isn’t going to happen.

Krokruul and Broken

These subraces of the Eredar/Draenei are a somewhat likely candidate for an allied race however I wouldn’t expect them soon considering that if Blizzard had plans for them as playable races, they would’ve announced them with the other allied races considering we were working with them during the 7.3 Patch Shadows of Argus.


The Tortollan, to me, seem as likely as an allied race as the Tuskarr. That is not likely. However, Blizzard did give us an entire expansion based off of a small side character in Warcraft 3 and everyone thought it was a joke. That is Pandaria. So I suppose anything is possible. But I can say, they did become playable races, I would immediately race change.

Blood Trolls

In Battle for Azeroth, we fight against the Blood Trolls on Zandalar and I don’t really see these as being a playable race. The only way they could be is if they are actually being controlled by G’huun and not committing their actions out of freewill. Other than that, I see no possible lore reason that they would ally with the forces of Azeroth.


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