Bullet point journal: A powerful system of organization

Have you ever felt as though you can’t keep track of everything you have to do for the day, week, month, even the year? Do the things on your to-do list never seem to be accomplished, leading to an ever-increasing sense of dread as procrastination prevents you from completing your goals? Welcome to the club, I’ve been in that same situation for the past couple of years, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better on its own. That’s why using systems of organization, to ease the hard work of being productive, are key to success in this modern life. The bullet point journal system is a powerful tool that can aid in increasing productivity, organizing your life, and overall lowering the amount of information you have to remember.

In the standard bullet point journal, there are 4 main components. The Index, which in this journal comes first, letting you know what pages you must go to to find what you are searching for. The Future log, where you map out at least the next 6 months. The Monthly log, where you map out all the days of the month and give yourself month long tasks to complete. And the Daily Log, where you write down the tasks that must be done today.

Your daily log shall be compromised of a few, simple, symbols. Will call them dots, X’s, O’s, slashes, and left and right arrows. Dots are your daily tasks; perhaps today you have to do that homework assignment, take the dog for a walk, do the laundry, whatever it may be, dots will symbolize that task. X’s are simply dots that have been completed, once you finish that homework assignment, X it out! O’s will represent events; a dinner with friends, a night out on the town, a family reunion, etc. Slashes are notes, anything important for you to remember for the day should be written next to a slash.

To explain the last two symbols, left and right arrows, I must first explain a key concept in the bullet point journal system, migration! As you finish your first month of journaling, you will certainly look back and find that not every task was completed, for each task uncompleted ask yourself, is this task worth my time? If it isn’t, go ahead and cross that out, no need to stress, life is full of things to accomplish, and you will burn your self out trying to do it all. If it is, determine whether or not it is something that must be done soon, or can it be scheduled to further into the future? Left arrows are for scheduling into the future, while right arrows are for more time-sensitive tasks. Migrate all of your left arrows to your future log, and place them accordingly; Migrate all of the right arrows into your next Monthly log, to ensure they are accomplished sooner.

This is is the basic setup for the bullet point journal, a powerful system by which you can reign in the beast that is procrastination, and better organize your life. So far in just the matter of a couple weeks, I have greatly increased my daily productivity, which as well has led to a boost in my daily mood. I no longer fear I shall waste my days away accomplishing nothing, but bask in the feeling of pride as I watch my goals come to fruition.

Of course, you may start to use this system and find that you wish to change it some, that’s the strongest aspect of the bullet point journal, it can be customized to how you see fit! So experiment some, find what works best for you and go with it. Most importantly, start today, because once you’ve started the task of organizing your life, it will seem a lot less daunting.

What do you think about the bullet point system? Do you use it? Is it useful to your life? How do you prefer to organize your journal? Let us know below!

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