World of Warcraft: Classic

Imagine you’re playing one of your favorite games as a child. Maybe it’s the best game you’ve ever played. Perhaps it’s Pac-Man, or Halo, or Crash Bandicoot. Whatever it may be, just think about how often you think about that game when gaming comes to mind. Do you feel a great sense of nostalgia? Do you wish that you could go back and just play that game all over again? Well Blizzard Entertainment is giving the World of Warcraft community that opportunity with one of their latest unveilings, World of Warcraft Classic. World of Warcraft Classic was announced alongside their latest expansion, Battle of Azeroth. World of Warcraft Classic goes back to the way Warcraft was back in 2004, otherwise known as Vanilla Warcraft. Vanilla is widely recognized as the “best” iteration by much of the fanbase, even parts that never had the opportunity to play it. Some people will even attack you verbally for saying it’s not as good as they believe it to be, leading to the use of the expression rose-tinted goggles. For some context on my opinion of the announcement of WoW: Classic, I should explain my history with the MMO. I started playing in 2013 when the Mists of Pandaria expansion was ongoing. I joined around patch 5.3, the Annihilation patch, and I fell in love with the game from then on. I wanted to raid, PvP, explore, quest, even role play in this vast open world. But I always felt like I was missing out on some great experiences by starting so late in the game’s lifespan. I wanted to go back. I wanted to experience what all the trolls and elitists in the Stormwind and Orgrimmar trade chats say they experienced. Vanilla WoW. I wanted to do some hard questing, grind up in power, and eventually tackle the Molten Core raid with 39 other people. But alas, I was never given that opportunity, at least not until 2017. When Blizzard Entertainment announced the WoW Classic project, I was arguably more excited for that than I was for the Battle of Azeroth, the new expansion. I’m ecstatic to go back into a world I never got to experience, to relive an older iteration of a video gaming phenomenon, back when it was still developing and when every aspect of the game was infamously bugged. Although, I am a bit worried about how the WoW Classic release will affect the ongoing expansion when it is released, whether that be Battle for Azeroth or the expansion after that one. All I know is I will most certainly be playing WoW Classic. A lot.


At the time of writing, there is no official release date, version of the game, or extended details available for World of Warcraft Classic, all we know is that we are getting Vanilla servers.


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