Gen Z Killed The Bashing Millennials Industry

Remember the good days when we all bashed millennials because of their culture and how the idea that industry should appeal to the newest and biggest generation? I remember, the good ole days. Ah but yes, today we have a new generation. Generation Z. This generation began their claim to fame after the Parkland Shooting... Continue Reading →


RELEASED: Battle for Azeroth

As most World of Warcraft players know, the already controversial new expansion "Battle for Azeroth" released at 6pm EST on August 13. I have not been able to play much so far but I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have played, which is a small portion of the war campaign and about 2/3 of the... Continue Reading →

More History Posts Coming Soon!

Hi friends! TDM T.A. here and I wanted to provide an update on my history blog posts. I plan on returning to writing semi-regular blog posts on history related topics and ideas sometime in September of 2018. Only this time I hope to expand my historical topics to Chinese history and the ideas of historiography... Continue Reading →

TDM Discussion: College On Koch

Welcome to another TDM discussion! On today's episode, we discuss the influence of the Koch brothers and their foundation on colleges around America. We dive a little deeper and get to topics such as academic integrity and independence and the influence of donors in general. Let us know what you think on the subject and... Continue Reading →

TDM Discussion: Trade and the “Trade Wars”

Welcome to another TDM discussion! On today's episode, we cover the recently implemented tariffs and the concepts of Free Trade/Globalism and Protectionism/Nationalism. The economic impact of tariffs has major historical evidence and many would be wise to dig a little deeper and see what has happened.There is much to talk about on this topic, so... Continue Reading →

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